Serve for the purpose of incarnation

Thank you for your interest in serving at First Naz. Serving the world around us for the purpose of incarnating Jesus is a core part of our mission so we believe very strongly that each person who attends First Naz should be serving in some capacity.

We believe that serving our world happens in many places and they are all important to God. Service at First Naz can be broken out into three categories:

Serve Inside  We always have a need for people to serve inside the church. We have opportunities ranging from greeting to working in a children's ministry classroom. We can provide opportunities to serve once a month or as much as you are able. Please contact the church office for more information. 

Serve Locally  Ministry happens every day outside the walls of the church. That means you have an opportunity to serve outside the church every day. We provide many opportunities to serve in our local community. Periodically, we will have one day opportunities to serve at a local organization.

 Serve Globally  The Church of the Nazarene has a long history of global missions. Our local church, First Naz, has a long history of global missions too. We've conducted mission trips in many parts of the world. Please contact our church office if you are interested in finding out more about our next mission trip.