Field Information
Country & Year Entered by the Church of the Nazarene
Malawi - 1957
Zambia - 1961
Zimbabwe - 1963

  • Born in Kenya
  • Jerald Gailey
  • Jimmy
  • Juliet Derry
General Information
Home District: Kenya Central
Home Church: Rongai Ongata
Summary of Service Record
2007 to Present – Malawi
1996 to 2006 – Tanzania


Wellington and Hellen  from Kenya are global missionaries with the Church of the Nazarene  assigned in Malawi, Africa.

Wellington and Hellen   were first appointed as missionaries in 1996.  They served in Tanzania until  October 2007.  While on the on the field, their primary ministry was Church planting , growth, Leadership development, WWT coordination, Pastoral training leading to Ordination, Mission Coordinator for all Church activities, holding Rivals, etc.  Hellen was in charge of Nine Jesus Film teams, Planting more than 60 churches every month, training pastors wives how to read and empowering women in small scale businesses to supplement their live hood, etc

Prior their missionary assignment, Wellington was a pastor and District Superintendent of Kenya Southeast District from 1990 to 1995.  During this time, Hellen took care of their three small children.  At this time she also  worked in Africa Nazarene University , Nairobi  Kenya as  a Librarian. Jimmy grown up , Juliet  ONU  graduate, hoping to start MBA , Jerald a BSc Computer   junior in ONU.

Wellington received a BTH in Canadian Nazarene College and MA in Religion in Africa Nazarene University.  Hellen received her College degree in Library Science in Kenya.

Wellington was born in Western part of Kenya to a peasant farmer.  He received Christ in his senior year in High School.  Following conversion, he went out and started witnessing to some young people about Jesus Christ.  While doing this he felt God calling him to ministry.  The  Lord called him to missionary under the mentorship of Dr. Harmon Schmelzenbach  in 1988.  As a missionary, he oversaw the planting  over  600 viable  churches   developed and organized  these churches into three districts in Tanzania, and pioneered the Church work on Zanzibar Island 98% Islam,  by planting 10 churches.

Hellen was born in Western part of Kenya to parents who never believed in Christ.   Hellen accepted Jesus at a High School Christian Union Meeting.  She had always wanted to serve as a Roman Catholic nun, but when she got saved, she started to witness to her friends who were influencing her to be a nun.

Wellington is a Mission Coordinator in Malawi, oversees all the work of the Church of the Nazarene in the country. Among many other  duties, he mentors and trains  the five District superintendents  and key leaders, does leadership  development  and empowerment , Church growth Strategies, Coordinates WWTeams, oversees church constructions, teaches at the Theological college, pastoral workshops, trainings ,revivals, etc. 

Hellen is the country coordinator for the child sponsorship program, works with pastor’s wives, and ladies ministry,  speaks at marriage seminars , etc.